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How many courses are included in the School Of The Holy Spirit?

Answer: Presently there are 18 courses which will be offered over a period of 6 semesters. However, plans are in the works to add several more courses.

How long are the courses?

Answer: Each of the current courses contains 11 – 13 different lectures.

Are there any quizzes or exams?

Answer: At present, the answer is No. However, plans are being considered to add quizzes for each course.

What type of assignments are required to graduate?

Answer: The student must watch/or listen to all the lectures (approximately 216 hours total). In addition, there is a requirement to read 1 assigned book for each course. A graduate may receive a "Diploma with Honors" by also reading all the suggested books and completing the quizzes with a score of at least 95%.

How much time is allotted to complete the entire program?

Answer: The student will have 6 months to complete each segment or semester of courses. There are 3 courses in each semester, each of which is an average of 12 hours long. This means watching/or listening to 36 hours of teaching in 6 months. In addition, the student is expected to read 3 assigned books. An additional 3 books are suggested for reading for each semester.

How many semesters are there?

Answer: Currently there is a total of 6 semesters. The “in-person” students spend 3 years completing the school. This is due to a schedule that is intentionally planned to fit the work schedule of many of our students. However, it is conceivable that the online student could complete the entire program (once it is all available online) in just 1 year. This would be very intense and is not recommended.

Can I purchase just 1 course or just pick and choose what subjects from the School Of The Holy Spirit I want to watch?

Answer: Yes, that option is available. There is no provision for a diploma If this option is chosen.

Is the School Of The Holy Spirit a new school?

Answer: Yes, the school was founded in 2022, and the in-person classes began in July of that year. The online school was launched in April 2023.

Is the teaching I would receive online the same as the teaching received in the classroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Answer: Yes, it is exactly the same. The material contained in the online program was recorded during the teaching that was done in the classroom.

Is the School Of The Holy Spirit accredited, or is there a plan for it to be accredited in the future?

Answer: The school is not yet accredited. However, we are making certain we meet all the guidelines and plan to be accredited as soon as the requirements can be met.

Is it possible to enroll as a couple or for several students to share the courses offered by the school?

Answer: In theory, this could be done. However, the only person to receive a diploma would be the person who registered and paid for the courses. While it is not possible to actually enroll as a couple, the couple could share the textbooks if they so desire.

Can several people enroll as a group, for example, a class from the same church may want to study together? Can this be arranged?

In the event, it is determined that it would be most beneficial for a particular group of people to enroll in the school, (as a group) the leader of the group should first contact the school for special instructions on the correct way to enroll. Upon completion of all of the courses, it would then be possible for the school to issue each one a diploma.